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Basic Machinery Control

Basic Machinery Control LLC can help you with all your automation needs using the latest technology. Our technicians are ready to assist you with recommendations and specifications for equipment that meets all industry standards.

About Our Company

Established in 2006, by Nermin Basic, Basic Machinery Controls has helped several manufacturers expand and grow. Basic Machinery Control has continued to grow in terms of its technical capabilities, manpower resources, and financial strength.

BMC is a group of automation professionals dedicated to bringing you the latest in innovative machine control solutions and services. We do this by digging deep into your project and leveraging our long experience, our market knowledge, and our long partnerships with key automation suppliers.

We pride ourselves on providing total solutions specific to your needs, from project specification to on-site deployment. The company offers a full range of project, process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil, structural and automation/systems control engineering as well as inspection, procurement, construction management, and start-up services.

Basic Machinery Control has the capability to design and construct a wide variety of things, ranging from major upgrades to completely new projects, from the feasibility study stage through facility start-up. We have grown into a multi-disciplined engineering and consulting corporation with experience and expertise in a variety of industries.

The Automation Group includes electrical and controls engineers, programmers, designers, drafters, and administrative support. Currently, BMC provides engineering and design services for projects all over the United States.


Reduce Downtime
Downtime is the largest source of lost production time. We have strategies for reducing it.
Improve Quality
With our solutions you can improve quality of manufactured goods at your company.
Increase Productivity
Time is money, and we can help you overcome inefficiency.
Enhance Safety
Our commitment is stronger than ever as we continue to develop safer solutions for you.
Reduce Energy Cost
Reduce energy usage through the implementation of our solutions.






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BMC can help you with all your automation needs using the latest technology. We are ready to assist you with recommendations and specifications for equipment that meets all industry standards.

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Why Choose Us

A team of experienced professionals will manage your project from start to finish, allowing you more time to focus on your business. Basic Machinery Control LLC brings state-of-the-art equipment and a commitment to business practices that set us apart.

Customers want reliable, cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Basic Machinery Control LLC excels in these areas by meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations with a great deal of integrity.

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